Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Response.Redirect House To Home

After staying for close to a week in Anusha's House as a guest, we ( Priyanka and I) finally were moving in to our own 2 bedroom apt -> #1196. It was 10th August 2010, a HOT and HUMID Tuesday at LSU Campus.
As planned, Priyanka and Hari, came to pick me up from Anusha's Home. I was gulping a glass of Boost, since I was feeling very very weak. From there we went in Hari's car to Edward Gay Apartment , from where we had to pick up our #1196 keys. In about 15 minutes we finished the formalities there and came to #1196.

Exceeding my expectations #1196, was in good shape except the Kitchen and the Bathroom. We used a Fogger ( a basic poisonous gas to kill all the insect/ pests/ cockroaches etc etc; contained in a canned tin ). And since it was tobe placed in an elevated position, Hari came up with a smart and simple idea of placing it on one of Priyanka's luggage bag , as it was there with us. So she & I, rolled tissues round the bag, so the items inside it don't get contaminated. It was a funny experience though, and we had a quick photo shoot along with out master piece ;-).

We fogged the house, locked #1196 and left to Anusha's place so I can pack up my stuffs. I cleaned the room I was staying in, prepared another cup of Boost for Priyanka and myself. And then called Hari to take us for lunch. On the way, if I remember it right, we went back to #1196 and opened all the windows and switched on the AC so the gas gets diluted and the place could be safely habituated by us ;-). Lunch was, near to our Campus, called Illegal Burritos ( A Mexican place). After having a delicious meal, we headed back to our #1196. By then #1196 was ready to be moved in to :-D. Left Priyanka to do the Kitchen cleaning, and we went to pick up by stuffs in his car.

By the time, we came; Priyanka was standing at the door and just said "THIS PLACE IS SO DIRTY!!!". I mean what else can we expect!! ;-D. Initially I took up sweeping and mopping; but soon we realized ceiling height cupboard would be difficult for her to clean, so we swapped our work. I cleaned the kitchen cupboards and was successful in cleaning up a cockroach family in the fridge!! This reminds me, before we fogged the place, Hari commented "My Condolences to the Cockroaches Family" ironical...

After Kitchen cleaning, I did Bathroom cleaning. Yes! yes, you read it right, after doing an ICSE, a PUC (PCME), an Engineering (E&C) and working for 3 years (apart from the fact that though I am 25 years old, I have been pampered worst than a new born baby by family, My BF and anyone else who loves me) I finally got the opportunity of cleaning a bathroom which was used by someone, I didn't even know. The only thing I had in mind was, let me clean it such a way that, Priyanka and I should never ever feel hesitant in using it until we stay there. Got Priyanka to check it once; so even she was happy with the cleaning. The rest of the moving in was simple, we just had to arrange all our shopping (700+ $) with our Indian (60Kgs) luggage.

By the time we were done Karthik and Abhishek turned up. Guys you were supposed to help us when we were moving in, not show up after that!!!. Anyways, we knew to survive we need food and our basic instincts told us a visit to Wal Mart was necessary.

Hari, took us and Karthik to Wal Mart, on the way we stopped by his department office
9to drink water), but he never showed us his office; I really wonder why!!!

After a small shopping trip, we came home. I insisted on Hari having dinner with us, and prepared MTR Puliogere; this was after our "HOUSE WARMING" ceremony. It was bit too less, but somehow we managed to fill our stomach with added fruit juice and curds. Hari headed back to his apartment, Priyanka hit the sack and I knew, I wanted to set up my room and indulged in that activity until 12:30 AM.

When I went to bed that might, on an air mattress; I was a bit apprehensive as I knew I am sleeping in a new place yet its going to be a place I may spend the next 2 most memorable years of my life. This was when I recollected what Hari said, when he was monitoring Priyanka's and mine moving in activities; "I want to witness you guys converting a house to HOME".

Yes, #1196 is my HOME away from "HOME" now!!! I wish I spend some bliss full and happy days in my new HOME!!!

I might have missed a lot of details since, the entire act of moving in to HOME was huge.....

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