Saturday, August 14, 2010

Party from IHF - International Hospitality Foundation

On the day of our Orientation, we were invited for a party on 13th August 2010, by Virgina member of IHF; IHF is a non-profit organization at LSU, from what I could get they make foreigners like myself aware about US culture specifically the Lousiana Culture, arrange a meeting for a student with a family at Baton rouge so we get to know them better etc etc.

Pri and myself, convinced Hari to join us for the party. We left home by 6:50 PM ( 30 Minutes late; because Pri realized that she has misplaced her camera, and since its a weekend we cannot even search it in campus :-(...hope she finds her camera soon). Hari drove us in his car, and we reached the place in about 5-10 minutes.

We had to register ourselves and tag our names on a label along with our country and stick it on our clothes. There was food, veg and non-veg. Some south Louisiana Music (live band), some small acts were many involved in dancing. Ice-creams, cookies and beaded necklaces were the highlight of the party. Some Indian guys came and spoke with us; Hari was having his" tamil male bonding" also. It made me feel little less guilty, since some of his purpose was also served :-P.

Once we realized we had nothing much to do, we took leave and came home. IHF was the 1st party at LSU, and well I think I participated well in it; be it in terms of consuming the food, involving in the activities or just showing up. Well Done ARPITHA!!!

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