Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 Weeks back and NOW!

Come weekend in Bangalore ( apart from the last few months back in MindTree when I used to work even on weekends) an Ideal weekend for me would be:

1. Wake up when I feel like ( 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon), depending on if I had to go out
2. Have a nice bath, followed by Ragi Ball lunch at home
3. Watching movies at 9:00 PM and some series like "LOST", "DESPERATE HOUSE WIVES"
4. Call or meet some friends ( Abhijith Included in the list)
5. May be clean my room
6. Visit a temple ( Beauty Parlor inclusive)

But after my arrival at LSU, I have hardly found the difference between a week day and a weekend ; probably because of the work I have been doing around and with no schedule in place!!! But this weekend was different, because I got to sleep for long this Saturday, after the hectic 7:00 AM schedule the previous week.

I woke up by 10:00 AM ( that too because Pri was calling and talking to her family and relative for a long time ;-) )
1. Cleaned the apartment
2. Washed my clothes for the week
3. Prepared breakfast and had my 1st meal for the day at 2:00 PM
4. Went to Hari's home to pick up a book shelf, came home decided not to sleep and dozed of reading a book.

Was woken up by Karthik and Abhishek coming to our Apt.
5. Prepared Lemonade for them, did a bit of Timetable editing for the coming week, had dinner in a hurry and
6. Went to Wal-Mart for shopping. Was damn exhausted and hit the sack by 12:00 mid night.

Sunday, got up by 8:00 AM , so I can video chat with my parents and Abhijith, which was for about 3+ hours,
7. Prepared MTR Rava Dosa for Pri, Hari, Myself
8. Followed by coffee for all of us. Washed the vessels

Got fresh went to a Seniors Apt ( Praveen) to collect his study materials, came home and was reading a novel ( The Deception Point by Dan Brown)...But we were getting bored, so decided to go for a movie at 8:00 PM ( The Inception). Had to pack sandwiches for dinner as it would get late by the time we reached back home. Came home after the movies , cleaned my box, got ready for tomorrows classes and made a mental note about what to cook for Breakfast and Lunch.

Finally, sitting now with a hot cup of chocolate Milk and blogging....I still have to plan my activities for tomorrow ranging from fee bill payment to part time job hunting, Ironing my clothes and a zillion other things I need to do!!!

How life has changed for me in just 3 weeks!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! ;-)

P.S :
1. Thanks to Hari ( who was watching INCEPTION for the 4th time) and Pri ( 2nd Time) for coming along just for my sake
2. We had lost our apt keys while walking from the parking lot to theatre, good those guys realized it and by fluke we found the keys at the RAVE MULTIPLEX
3. Once the movie was over, we came out and it was pouring like hell, the Theatre authorities gave a free ( Some repaired, lost) umbrellas, which we used to get into the car without drenching ourselves
4. A nice dinner ( Sandwiches and Pears) in the car, was a treat to our empty stomachs and the drive through the heavy rain just made me feel, how I wish the car stops at my home ( In Bangalore) and I get to sleep on my bed and wake up and everything is back to how it was just 3 weeks ago ;-) (May be I was dreaming because of INCEPTION influence) :-D

Missing the past, enjoying the present and excited about the future .....That's how I see it is going in the coming days.....


Hari Sundararajan said...

Arpitha, you really are constantly impressing me with your blogs !!

arpitHa said...

I will take that as a compliment Hari :-D