Thursday, August 26, 2010

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

After a tiresome yesterday, I got up by 7:00 AM and got ready well in advance for 9:00 AM. Since I did not have to bother with the cooking. Because our Kictchen was in a mess!!!

Unlike the past 3 days, I walked normally without sweating like a Horse and reached my class 5 minutes in advance. Which gave me the opportunity of picking a seat of my choice unlike the other days, where I had to sit where there was vacancy. I opened my lap top checked my e-mails and got ready for the class. Much to my surprise I was following what was been taught in the class. Though it was the same professor who took our "Workshop" during the last week "LAUNCH" program; and whose lecture did not even penetrate the pores of my skin forget brains ;-).

I solved a couple of problems [ They were simple, yet last week I did not know how to solve them]. And when the class ended at 10:25 Am, I was cool not jumping with joy the class was over. I moved in to my next class and once again, I enjoyed the class. The reason behind this was, I had read through the matter been taught in the class, hence I was mentally prepared. Classes ended at noon. I met Pri at the library, went to submit some part-time job application with her. Came back and my next class was at 1:30 PM, So I decided to chat for a while with Abhi. Had my fruit salad as lunch [ Pears, Papaya and Wild Strawberries]. The next class also sailed smoothly but I was hungry like a pig by 3:00 PM. Pri, Hair and I went to Taco-Bell [ Mexican food outlet in Campus], had a satisfactory meal and headed home. Thanks to Hari he came with us. Hence, I could keep my heavy bag in his cycle boot - a plastic cart used for keeping items on it, mounted to the rear wheel of the cycle [ This is my definition] ;-).

Came home, I was having a bad head ache and it multiplied when I saw the kitchen in the same condition. Took a short nap, by then the guys above our apartment came and told us they would help with the cleaning. I woke up had a cup of coffee to reduce my head ache. Pri and I started removing items form the kitchen, so that it helps them clean. One of the guys came in, and once I asked him to clean all the stains in the kitchen, he changed on his words!!!! How mean and unethical of him. Like a cunning fellow he took us to the apartment maintainence admin and the final result was we had to clean the mess and stains in our kitchen ourselves. Though it was these guys who created the them in the 1st place. I was commutatively less abusive , but Pri was fuming and her dad who was video chatting with her also experience the heat of her words ;-).

Since we had to cook soon, we cleaned up the kitchen by ourselves. While cleaning I decided why not end the day with a good dinner to make our moods better. So I cooked rice and kidney beans side dish. When it was time to prepare curry, we did not know how to open the tomato tinned can. As usual called Hari for rescue and he came home in no time and open the can for us :-P. In the mean time, I prepared spicy butter milk as well :-). So dinner was ready, which was smelling delicious and spicy!!! Just the way "ARPITHA" wants.

We had a royal time eating the dinner [ Compliments flowing from Pri and Hari ] and it boosted my confidence that if I can manage a 2 course dinner like this in an hour, then "I am ready for marriage" :-D. I know I may get a lot of comments for this punch line. We cleaned up after dinner, threw the grab age and settled at our respective laptops burping. I realize today I am doing better than yesterday in terms of Classes or food and even the head ache has come down. It reminds me of "Every Cloud has a Silver lining" proverb. I do not know how well it fits this scenario, but who the hell cares. I am content both in mind and stomach and waiting to hit the bed for a good sleep"post blogging".

P.S :
1.The pictures are taken after we cleaned the apartment
2. Pri and I have sworn to give a piece of our mind to those guys for their irresponsible behavior

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