Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some action after 3 boring weekdays!

Well, from 23rd August 2010 my Fall Semister for 2010 started :-( / :-). I know, I was exicted about going back to college, but at the cost of Studying!! worst compromise ever :-P.

I have on an avergae 3 hours of class everyday...well going by the Indian Standards it is very less, but...but...but...unlike Indian Exams where overnight studies would be the only effort we need to put apart from -
1. Bargaining books at Avenue Road in Bangalore
2. Taking photo-copies of Seniors notes, exam papers
3. Calling each other to check what is in syllabus
4. Cribbing about the subject

Here the assessment is on continuous bases. So 3 hours of class is almost equivalent to 9 hours of your time for being ready with what was been taught for the coming class.

Since it was the 1st class, the usual norms were introduction to professors, classmates, subjects, program overview, grading system etc. By Wednesday I was bored to death by this monotony. After finsingin class at 12 in the noon, I came to the library and pinged Pri who was still at home. I wanted to check with her on the day's plan. First I noticed that prior to this she had sent me an e-mail telling there is no water in the house; hence cannot cook. I was disappointed reading it because after 2 days, I was really looking forward to eating Rice and Curry ( Pri prepares pretty awesome curries). Then next I see her ping, there is water seepage in the roof of our kitchen!!! What a contradicting informaion provided by the same person in a span of 2 hours!!! Well, from the way she chatted, she was so disturbed, I didn't want to bug her with more questions, so headed back to home.

No Indian Food for 1 whole day, boredom classes for 3 days, hot and humid weather and I come home, to see why Pri was that Hysterical!!!! "Wow" The apartment which Pri and I meticulously clean for 3 hours in a week ( not exaggerating) is now in a slush of water. Water dripping from the roof like a leak in Dams ;-)!! My god I had a mini-heart attack seeing it. Soon I then realizaed that this is the case with only our apartment. I thought of checking the people who stay in the top floor; Indian guys, Apt No 2196. I go upstairs knock at the door no response, I peep into thier house through the windows and see there is water everywhere on thier floor. Apparently they left their kitchen sink tap open and due to sink hole blockage the water was over flowing. This is the reason why water has been dripping through our rooftop ( The celings are wooden; hence water can seep in the wood and drip where ever ther is a hole/ opening). Came down, explained Pri the scenario; and for 15 minutes tried to call those guys on the cell phone, but in vain. Finally, the water started falling from the restroom as well!!! We were just hoping it does not penetrate our rooms and cause any short circuit!!! My Blood Temprateture rose like hell seeing our pathetic condition. Finally one of the guys came running to his apartment, I ran behind him, he opened the door and he and I tired to flush out as much water as we can from the entrance door. After about 10 mintues, apartment maintainence guy came in, and vacuumed all the water from thier apartment and ours as well.Though they cleaned up every bit of water, there was still seepage, due to water that was already sucked by the roof. They told us it might take about 24 hours for the water to stop falling. Since we could not do anything we just had to accept it. The 2 guys from the apartment came and apologized and told us they would help us to clean up the mess.

Well it was almost 7:00 PM by the time we settled down, I started doing my "HOME WORK" f0r the day. Since our kitchen was looking worst than a garbage room, we decided not to cook until we are done cleaning it. So Pri and I settled for froozen "Burrito" [ Mexican Food] which was intorduced to us by Hari.

At 9:00 PM, we had "Iron Man 2", screened in open Parade Ground on a big screen, and I was keen on watching it. So willingly or unwillignhly Pri and Hari had to join me [ They both were more intersted with the free Popcorn and Cool Drink provided there, but sad that by the time we reahed the place the sticks were over ;-)]. The movie was ok ok, but sitting in an open ground at 9:00 PM and watching alongside Americans was an expereice of a kind. I am not sure if Pri and Hari watched the movie because they used to say "BRB" to me and take off in search of Free Popcorns [ once again a failed attempt], go to Mc D 2-3 times and what not!! Movie ended by 11:00 PM, Pri and I came to home in "Transit" -> free cab service within LSU campus from 5:30 PM until past Mid night. Though I was exhausted I had to read through some slides for the next day classes and slept at 12:45 AM cribbing about the monstrous task ahead of us "Cleaning The Kitchen"!!!

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