Saturday, August 14, 2010

International Student Orientation (ISO) - 12th August 2010

Priyanka (Pri) and I used to wake up by 6:00 AM in the morning from when we have come to Baton Rouge; but not so suprisingly the day we had to wake up early to be at the Cox Campbell Community Auditorium for our ISO, as expected both were feeling sleepy to even wake up by 6:30 AM.

Thanks to Pri, she got up early and prepared Tomato Rice for lunch; I got up a little late, got fresh and cut some fruits for lunch. Trina, promptly came at exactly 7:30 AM at our apartment, and I had to gulp my chocolate milk before we left the apartment in a hurry :-).

The walk to the auditorium was a short one, condisdering the fact that our apartment is very close to the campus. We did find quiet a few new people walking towards it as well. Upon entering the auditorium, we were greeted by Hari our LINK for the day.

LINK -> Is a senior international student at LSU campus, who volunteers to help the fresher's during the orientation process.

The auditorium was quiet beautiful, and the orientation was very very boring. We had a 1.5 hours lunch break, and post lunch, Trina, Pri and myself decided to utilize the 2nd half of the day to visit Loan's Closet. I re-confirmed with Hari, to make sure he would inform us about the rest of the orientation.

So 5 of us; 3 girls and 2 guys (Karthik and Abhijit PhD student at LSU) set off to to Loan's Closet.
It is a place where you would find used house hold stuffs and some new items for very less price. These items are either donated or sold by people. We need to take a 2$ membership to start shopping there. We managed to get most of the furniture to our apartment there and made a shopping for 45$.

We headed back to the orientation and Hari briefed us about what stuffs we missed. The orientation ended at 3:00 PM.

The ISO, did not meet my expectations, but I guess it would have been helpful for people who had just landed the day before, people who did not know Hari and peole who did not know anything at all about LSU.

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